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Student Information System

Build end-to-end constituent life-cycle solution with a technology vision built for the future

Transform your educational institution end-to-end with a lifecycle solution built for the future

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, OneWorldSIS is cost effective, easy to implement and allows Higher, Continuing and K-12 educational organizations the ability to manage the complete student lifecycle on one flexible, powerful and extendable platform. From recruitment to enrollment to program selection to class scheduling to alumni conversion, information is entered once and all activities tracked forever. Use the powerful Microsoft Workflow Engine in combination with Intelligent Dashboards and activity based Outlook integration while automating processes that run in the background driving productivity and delivering key metrics to the entire organization.

Benefits of the OneWorldSIS educational solution

  • Easy activation of leads and prospective students.
    Capture, update, and manage student information with a few clicks that automatically populate your active service records.
  • Streamlined student record management.
    Store, oversee, and manage all aspects of student information including academic, disciplinary, and administrative records.
  • Improved faculty and staff services and support.
    Surface important data while supporting basic and complex functions with simplified work processes.
  • Elevated alumni engagement and participation.
    Connect, communicate, and cultivate relationships with updated records to support communities, campaigns, and events.
  • Increase donations and manage donor relationships.
    Identify, engage, and support key donors using lifetime records, personal data, and profile analysis.

Recruitment & Prospective Student Leads

Enter and track student leads from an initial inquiry to application processing, final acceptance and any follow up communications. Use a web interface to quickly build and deploy visually pleasing applicant portals for self-tracking and interactive social communications.

Application and Enrollment Processing

Provide prospects with easy-to-use admissions forms and the tools they need for submitting inquiries, applications and enrollment.


Manage all constituent Microsoft Outlook activity with intelligent email tracking and routing. View the history of all constituent related activities, including Outlook Calendar Appointments, Tasks, Emails, Phone Calls and any other user defined activities.

Student Information

Turn prospective students entered as leads into active records with all background and relevant information updated automatically. Use Microsoft Workflow Foundation to generate follow up activities including interviews, email notifications, transcript reviews and required responses.

Student Record Management

Store, oversee and manage all aspects of student information maintained including academic, disciplinary, and administrative records.

Degree and Class Management

Setup degree programs and course records to manage and schedule classes with full student attendance and record information, including tests, grades and progress reports.

Faculty Management

Provide faculty and staff biographies. Support faculty and staff who perform both basic and complex functions through simplified work processes and procedures.


Create personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns and leverage marketing automation capabilities to reach your targeted constituents. Build communications plans based on historical interactions, personal preferences or specific areas of interest. Quickly build marketing activities with scripted dialogs and user defined follow up workflow activities.

Alumni Management

Track and manage all Alumni information and communications with recurring dates and activities, following cultivation processes. Use Marketing Campaigns to reach and update Alumni on relevant information and events. Setup Alumni web portals for direct and secured access to their relevant records.


All the functions you need to support students, faculty and staff are easily accessed at any time on any device, all operating systems and any browser.

Outlook Integration

Access all of your Outlook activities, appointments contacts and student information all in one location. Track emails automatically and display email information along with all records.

HTML5 Portal Suite

Use the HTML5-based portal suite to manage interactions. Use style sheets to create branded web pages specific to your educational institution. Portal Suite for Inquiry, Applicant Admissions, Student and Parents, Faculty, and Alumnus, Donor and Events.

Business Processes

Build intelligent processes to track and manage activities and key constituent data across multiple areas with validation and defined logic.

Learning Management System

Interface with leading industry LMS solutions including Canvas, Moodle and Microsoft Class Notebook to manage gradebook , courses information with the following features and capabilities

  • Learning path structure
  • Deadlines
  • Content Management (SCORM support, Variety of supported formats)
  • User Management (Email Notification, Groups and Organization, Users Role )
  • Tracking and Reporting (Content report, Quiz report)
  • User Experience (User Portal, Achievement, Discussion)
  • Virtual Classes